Soothing Deep Tissue Massage

The human foot is a masterpiece. A work of art.


Combining mechanical complexity and structural strength.

Each foot containing 26 relatively small bones, 14 which are found in the toes, accounting for 25% of the bones of the whole body. There are 19 muscles responsible for motion and stabilization and an intricate network of nerves and blood vessels. The soles of your feet contain more sensory nerve endings per square centimeter than any other part of the body. More than 100 muscle tendons that attach muscle to bone and ligaments that connect bone to bone. How many joints does the foot have? Thirty-three joints, twenty which are actively articulated. Talk about range of motion! Now you can receive a Deep Tissue massage without the pain often associated with traditional (thumbs and elbows), deep tissue massage. Barefoot being able to cover a wider surface combining gravitational forces and myofascial methods. The key is sustained pressure over time. Sinking into soft tissue using gentle fascia manipulation mobilizing adhesive tissues. Gently accessing deeper layers. Deep relaxation.